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Launch: New app ready to conquer the world of handball with top modern technology


Tophåndbold (the divisional association for handball in Denmark) goes digital with the latest app technology and takes handball fan-involvement to a whole new level. The Tophåndbold app is the first of its kind: it embraces 55 clubs in 4 leagues.

The app is built on the modern app-technology of MANY Digital and is a joint platform for all Danish handball fans, where they can find news, live scores, statistics and entertainment. All activities revolve around a loyality program, which allows fans to customise their app by choosing their favorite team (“hjerteklub”) and following it closely.

Furthermore, the app gives the fans an opportunity to find lots of information, competitions and fan benefits across leagues and clubs in one single app.

One of the many strong app features is the possibility to view live scores across several leagues in one place. This gives the individual fan the possibility to follow several relevant matches simultaneously, real time.

The Tophåndbold app also provides the commercial partners in handball with brand new possibilities to gain insight into highly relevant user data. National sponsors will get industry exclusivity in the app and will therefore get a unique possibility to get digital, measurable, and segmented exposure on a hyper-targeted channel. Also, local sponsors of all teams will become centre of the relevant users’ attention, thanks to the newest technology combined with ultra-specific fan data.


Tom Matthiesen, CEO for MANY Digital:

This new app from Tophåndbold makes it obvious just how important the role of fan engagement is across different branches of sport. The world of Danish handball is the first joint league to commence the digital transformation, that is in demand among the rightsholders in sports. The app also shows how the MANY Digital technology can be customised to a shared platform for several clubs and teams.

With this project, Thomas Christensen and the people at Tophåndbold are agile first movers, when it comes to taking back control of your own domain. Gathering and engaging fans in one single platform, away from social media, lies in the future of sports. We definitely expect this project to give enhanced value to all parties of the eco-system; fans, clubs and commercial partners”

CEO for TopHåndbold Thomas Christensen:

The collaboration with MANY Digital on the development of the new Tophåndbold app has been really good. The process has been very constructive, and we have felt in good hands the entire time. When you start a process like this, developing a whole new app, you obviously become ambitious, and the ideas keep coming. Due to this, it has been very valuable to have MANY Digital as an active partner and not “just” a supplier.

Now we are just excited to take the app live. We are very pleased with the final result!

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Tophåndbold liga app - 54 klubber et sted

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