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Launch: EfB – Danish football club – Gets new and upgraded digital platform

At the end of February, we launched a new and updated version of our fan app for the danish football club Esbjerg fb.
The platform brings together the entire Esbjerg fb fan scene on one unique fan platform.

The new updated version of the White-label solution app got a new and fresh uplift of their previous design as well as a lot of new and exciting functionalities.

With the all-in-one digital platform, EfB has a strong platform where they can get close to their fans and activate their sponsorships digitally. It thus provides completely new revenue opportunities for the club.


Daniel Lauridsen, Head of activation & digital for EfB:

“We at EfB are very satisfied with our solution. It lives up to all the expectations we had and we have at the same time several functionalities that we work on incorporating into our daily lives with fans and partners. We have only just begun and only see progress. ”

The platform fronts fans and other stakeholders in an eco-system, where Esbjerg gets full ownership of its own 1st party data. It gives them a unique insight into the behavior among their own fans and their needs. At the same time, it allows for strong targeting and segmentation options based on the behavior of the app.

Functions in the app:

  • News
  • SoMe integration
  • Match overview
  • Player info
  • Banner ads
  • Loyalty program
  • Fan benefits
  • Quiz, games, discount coupons
  • The value of digital sponsorships

The digital transformation is also taking place in the football clubs and the demands from sponsors are greater than just being able to get a traditional sponsorship package with VIP tickets and LED ads.

Therefore, both we and Efb see it as very important that the digital platform must support both a close dialogue and involvement with fans, but just as much it must support digital and commercial efforts.

Daniel Lauridsen, Head of activation & digital for EfB:

“We expect to use the platform for communication, partner and fan activation, exposure to partners and as a tool to generally be more present to our many stakeholders. We want to get closer to all of them with a big EfB heart and that helps Many’s platform. “

We experience that there is generally a growing interest and focus towards lifting the digital challenge. Users are moving across platforms and media and it has become far more difficult to measure the impact of these digital customer journeys that the user is moving on. With our platform, you gather users in one place, which gives the club a better opportunity to report the effort and impact to their commercial partners.

Daniel Lauridsen, Head of activation & digital for EfB:

“We have been happy with our collaboration with Many Digital and have throughout the process, especially in the development phase, felt included and heard in our wishes. We have always had a person at Many who listens and takes time to dive into special cases and quickly remedy problems we may run into. “

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