The game has
changed forever

We transform brand experience through data - building fan loyalty and generating new revenue by connecting sports rightsholders, sponsors and commercial partners, with their fans through a pioneering 'all-in-one' digital platform and white-label app

Unparalleled fan engagement | Incredible new revenue opportunities | One affordable platform

The digital challenge

Outside of traditional broadcast and sponsorship, digital transformation is changing the way fans, rightsholders, sponsors and commercial partners interact with each other.

Clubs want to take back control of their brand – own the relationship with the fan, provide an immersive experience, build loyalty, generate new revenue and streamline delivery and cost.

Sponsors and partners want to qualify their investment – the ability to understand who the fan is, communicate and market to them directly and accurately measure ROI.

Fans want one place to go – unique content, rewards for their loyalty, and access to services and products to speed up their experience. 

How it works

TEAM Manager is a commercial back-end platform and supporting white-label app that can be branded and integrated into a rightsholders digital eco-system in as little as 4-weeks. And if you’ve already got an app, TEAM Manager can integrate into a host app as a stand-alone product.

1) It’s simple – fan’s can download the app from the App Store and Google Play

2) Register and personalise their experience

3) TEAM Manager segments and stores fan data

4) Personalised content, promotions, ticketing, merchandise, sales and marketing and loyalty programmes are delivered, monitored and analysed through the platform

5) Ongoing fan-use provides granular GDPR compliant data improving the fan experience, building fan loyalty and driving qualified hyper-targeted commercial activity

6) Additional revenue is generated from third-party integration, direct marketing to the fan database and through a new suite of digital inventory. Data can be used to qualify investment by exisiting sponsors and partners and attract new ones.

TEAM Manager

TEAM Manager features and architecture

Team Manager’s white-label app provides access to exciting features that deliver a consistent and memorable experience for fans. It comes with a powerful back-end commercial engine that segments fan data, identifies trends, builds, launches, monitors and analyses commercial campaign activity.

TEAM Manager is a cluster- and cloud-based digital platform, which requires no new hardware or software. It can be quickly spun-up and integrated into a rightsholders existing digital eco-system using MANY Digitals bespoke API Connect solution. It has been designed to integrate, not replace platforms already within your digital eco-system.

The app gives our sponsorship another dimension and the platform provides us with new opportunities to activate our sponsorship with direct access to the fan.

Stefan Kirkedal, Head of Omnichannel Development & Customer Insights, Sportmaster

Success stories

FC Midtjylland

FC Midtjylland is the first club to use the ‘TEAM Manager’ platform. Since October 2017, over 20,000 FCM fans have registered. The MANY Digital team partnered with FC Midtjylland to create content and hyper-targeted promotions that, in addition to giving fans an engaging experience, provides user data which is being used to generate new digital revenue.


  • 21,000 downloads of app
  • New loyalty program
  • Development of new sponsorship and partner program
  • €220,000 yearly increase in sponsorship revenue
  • €327,673 new revenue to date.

“We want to be ahead of the game in digital transformation. Content tracking is imperative to increasing fan activation and sponsor value – we see MANY Digital as the perfect partner to achieve this goal”

Jacob Ø. Jørgensen.
Commerical Director - FC Midtjylland

Our partners

Our partners play a vital role in providing a full-service solution to our customers. From ‘TEAM Managers’ revolutionary app and back-end platform, to content generation, analytical support and IT infrastructure and consultancy services.