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Are you ready to survive, grow and win in the digital age?
We transform Sports Business and connect Fans, Club and Sponsors through our All-In-One Sports Eco-System.



At MANY Digital, we have created a Digital Sports Eco-System, that give the club's fan a one point of contact club, which enables us to create tailor made fan-experiences and engagement services through smart utilization of data. We bring the clubs, their sponsors and the fans closer together by digitizing their relationship.
We create new, memorable experiences for the fans and provide the clubs and sponsors with a new, digital revenue based on both fan and sports data/insights. We monitor live sports performance data and present it in the fan life cycle before, during and after the match.

In conclusion, we leverage on fans’ burning passion for your specific club through:

  • Innovative mobile fan engagement services & unique content
  • Data collection on user behavior, location and preferences
  • Data processing to provide tailored services and content for fans - enabling partners driving 1:1 marketing
  • One point of contact for the fans, increased loyalty 
  • Increased and new digital inventory 
  • Access to new customer segments and revenues 
  • State of the art platform and partners 

Our vision is
Creating entertainment and engagement before, during and after the soccer matches.
Targeted and relevant interaction between stakeholders.
And efficient marketing channel through high-user involvement and profiling.


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Connect with fans

We need to continuously connect and collaborate with our fans. By being proactive and engaged, we deliver the most relevant and targeted services and interaction = MAINTAIN & INCREASE LOYALTY

Connect with sponsors

We need to continuously connect and collaborate with our sponsors. By being proactive and engaged, we deliver the most relevant and innovative content. Sponsors seek more efficiency in their advertising spending – here is a new opportunity to maintain and further develop and exploit your club sponsorships = MAINTAIN & ATTRACK NEW SPONSORS

Data intelligence

Gaining data and a better understanding of the issues that fans are facing is the key for success. Share the insights to guide and develop sponsors and partners. The key to future business success is data intelligence. This will provide efficiency and effectiveness in the value chain = BIG DATA becomes BIG BUSINESS


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FC Midtjylland

FC Midtjylland is the first club to have established the platform, and since October 2017, nearly 20,000 FCM fans have registered. With invaluable sparring from the club, we constantly try to push the boundaries within audience-inducing experience technology that, in addition to giving users (fans) an extraordinary experience and service, also generates knowledge about the users that can be used by the club to increase marketing revenue.



Our indispensable partners play a vital role in delivering our unique product to our customers

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