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- A digital revolution of the danish handball leagues across 54 handball teams with a global league app

Unparalleled fan engagement | Incredible new revenue opportunities | One affordable platform

Read about how, in collaboration with the national handball federation(Divisionsforeningen i Håndbold, TopHandbold), Many Digital has crafted a revolutionary Tophandball league app and digital engagement platform that brings together the entire Danish handball community in one place.


Tophandball league app Features for Engaged Fans

The app offers a plethora of features:

  • Latest news from the league and Divisionsforeningen
  • Games and contests
  • Live scores and statistics at your fingertips
  • Live streaming
  • Loyalty programs with unique perks
  • Exclusive content from your favorite club
  • Team information and match data
  • Banner advertisements
  • And much more…

This multi-level approach offers diverse activation possibilities.

Tophandball league app - Platform overview

With a cutting-edge league app and digital platform, we’ve unified all 54 Danish handball clubs (men and women) under one virtual roof. 

This groundbreaking initiative benefits rights holders, clubs, sponsors, and, above all, Danish handball fans.

By integrating everything you need as a handball fan into one single platform we have developed a digital eco-system for the handball sport in Denmark.

A Revolutionary Fan Engagement Hub

Distinguished from our individual club-focused white-label app solutions, our Tophandball league app emerges as Denmark’s first of its kind. This collective platform has united Danish handball sports in one digital realm. Engaged handball enthusiasts can now follow their favorite club through an all-inclusive fan engagement app, aptly named “TopHandball”.

Whether you’re a Ringkøbing Handball or Aalborg Handball supporter, this singular app grants access to exclusive content from your heart’s chosen club.

With gathering fan data across clubs gives the possibility to create segmented local and national campaigns based on your favourite team. 

The platform also opens up new commercial revenue-streams for the united handball sport. Collective sponsorship deals that the single clubs will not have a chance to sign on their own. Read more about how we use digital fanengagement creating new digital revenue. 


"The collaboration with MANY Digital on the development of the new Tophandball league app has been really good. The process has been very constructive, and we have felt in good hands the entire time. When you start a process like this, developing a whole new app, you obviously become ambitious, and the ideas keep coming. Due to this, it has been very valuable to have MANY Digital as an active partner and not “just” a supplier. Now we are just excited to take the app live. We are very pleased with the final result!”

Thomas Christensen, CEO - Tophåndbold
Tophåndbold liga app - 54 klubber et sted

Club-Level Activation
Clubs can now initiate fan engagement activities for their heart club supporters using our segmentation capabilities and by own back-office for clubs. This feature empowers clubs to orchestrate interactive digital fan activities, facilitating continuous fan interaction. These activities, aside from entertainment and engagement, can be structured as consistent digital sponsorship concepts, augmenting the club’s digital inventory with tailored propositions for “my club area” with in the global league app.

National-Level Engagement
On the national level, content that resonates across the user base is managed. National sponsors engage in campaigns and marketing messages that span the entire user base. At the pinnacle, aggregated data encompassing user behavior, demographics, interests, and more, is accessible, offering sharp segmentation options. This paves the way for a new commercial platform that the National Handball federation can activate for their sponsors.

League-wide solution for sports federations

Unleashing Commercial Potential

At Many Digital, we act as a commercial digital activation team on the national level, supporting Divisionsforeningen, Tophandball in activating and developing their digital sponsorship activities within the platform.  Through a strategic revenue share model, we co-crafted a ‘Champions League’ package that unlocked extraordinary sponsorship opportunities. Just as the ink dried on the contract, a substantial €117,000 yearly sponsorship deal with B.Energy was sealed, paving the way for subsequent partnerships with Lidl, Santander, Puma, Bambusa, and Mercedes-Benz.

A New Revenue Frontier
This platform positions Divisionsforeningen, Tophandball as the steward of first-party data for sports fans, enhancing the value of their sponsorship income for leagues and clubs. By pooling aggregated data under a collective league solution, we’ve enlarged the user base, thereby creating a more substantial commercial foundation.

This collaboration extends beyond technical innovation; it empowers the Danish handball community. The result is a robust, unified digital ecosystem that creates new opportunities for sponsor engagement.

A Future of Opportunity

With over a million monthly banner views, this platform is shaping into a new digital media platform for the entirety of Danish handball. Daily diverse digital campaigns such as quizzes, contests, and predictions drive interaction, creating an immersive fan experience. Additionally, live streaming capabilities, realized in collaboration with Sportway, breathed new life into fan experiences.

Loyalty Reinvented
Embedded within the platform is a loyalty program that links all our activities. Users (fans) can earn loyalty points based on their behavior, driving engagement through games, news consumption, video viewing, and more. These points translate into rewards, elevating user engagement.

Tophandball in numbers:
  • User base exceeding more than 83,000 passionated handball fans
  • More than 59.000 registered users
  • 16,300 monthly active participants,
  • 2.5 million banner impressions monthly
  • Average conversion rate of 10-25% on commercial activities

In terms of sponsorship potential, the Tophandball league app’s revenue forecast is an impressive €435,000 yearly, affirming the monumental shift in revenue streams.

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