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- A digital platform and whitelabel football app to engage with passionated Odense Boldklub fans

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In the heart of Danish professional football, Odense Boldklub (OB) has emerged as a beacon of innovation. As winners of 3 Danish championships and a cornerstone of Danish football, OB’s commitment to digital transformation has set a new paradigm for the industry. Many Digital proudly stands by their side as the architects of a revolutionary digital platform that’s redefining football fan engagement.

Casestory - OB fan app

The Visionaries at Odense Boldklub

OB’s digital vision extends beyond the field. Their approach isn’t just about the game; it’s about creating an immersive fan experience that resonates far beyond the ninety minutes of play. As a testament to their dedication, they’ve harnessed the power of our platform to forge a stronger bond with their fan base and commercial partners.

A Central Asset: Linking Marketing and Sponsorship Activation

OB’s journey isn’t just about engaging fans; it’s about creating an interplay between marketing and sponsorship. The digital platform acts as a central asset, seamlessly weaving together fan engagement, marketing strategies, and sponsorship activation. This synergy has illuminated new pathways for revenue generation and audience interaction.

OB fan app

Odense boldklub fan app Features for Engaged Fans

The  app offers a plethora of features:

  • Stats
  • Games, fan contests & coupons
  • Highlights
  • Matchcenter
  • Ticketing
  • Message inbox
  • Banner advertisements
  • Fan Loyalty programme
  • And much more…


Commercial backend engine – TEAM Manager
Our back-office – TEAM Manager give the club extended possibilities to analyze and engage with their fans.

    • Overall analytics on behaviour
    • Gamification setup – Man of the match, GameQuiz, Vouchers etc.
    • Push notification management
    • Sponsorship management
    • Commercial ads setup and management
    • Segmentation engine based on 1. party data sources
    • Loyalty programme management
    • Message inbox
    • And much more…

"Our new fan app shows a new approach to digital sponsorship activities and commercial opportunities, and provides a great opportunity to involve our fans. We are very excited about the solution."

Jack Jørgensen. Commercial director - OB
OB fan app

Generating New Digital Revenue

The partnership with Many Digital has unlocked a new dimension for OB’s sponsorship managers. The digital platform is more than a fan engagement tool—it’s an additional digital inventory that can be tailored for sponsors. This realization has transformed sponsorship managers into digital pioneers, confidently selling this innovative asset to sponsors and thereby generating new digital revenue streams.

Interactive Use-Cases: Pioneering Fan Engagement
OB’s prowess in utilizing the digital platform is evident through their interactive use-cases:

  • Game Quiz: Immersive quizzes that engage fans and test their football knowledge.
  • Man of the Match: Empowering fans to participate in the game’s narrative by selecting the standout player.
  • Special Benefits: Offering exclusive perks to fans through the fan app, fostering a sense of loyalty.
  • Push Notifications: Real-time updates and notifications that keep fans engaged and informed.
  • Segmented Communication: Tailoring communication based on fan preferences, ensuring relevance.
  • Stats and News: Providing fans with real-time statistics and the latest news, deepening fan engagement.

The numbers underscore OB’s digital triumph:

  • A substantial user base of 23.000 engaged through the Odense boldklub fan app.
  • A thriving loyalty program with fervent participation.
  • The birth of a pioneering sponsorship and partner program.

A Winning Partnership: Many Digital and Odense Boldklub

The OB-Many Digital collaboration is a testament to the uncharted possibilities in the realm of sports fan engagement. The platform isn’t just digital; it’s a catalyst for transformation, creating synergies between marketing, sponsorship, and fan interaction. As OB continues to redefine the digital landscape of football, Many Digital is honored to be the driving force behind their success.


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