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New board member: Nicolai Gunni Lyngholm

Welcoming Nicolai Gunni Lyngholm: Our New Board Member at MANY Digital!

Exciting news! Many Digital is thrilled to announce the addition of Nicolai Gunni Lyngholm to our board of directors.

With his extensive experience and deep expertise in the digital landscape, brand building, customer journeys, and digital marketing strategies, Nicolai brings a wealth of knowledge that will be instrumental in taking our company to new heights.
Nicolai has an impressive background that showcases his exceptional talents and accomplishments:

♦︎ Brand Advisor & Director at Zupa, a world-renowned media agency
♦︎ Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Velon Cycling
♦︎ Former CEO of Virtu Cycling
♦︎ Entrepreneur with successful brand agencies of his own
♦︎ Previous experience as a Sales Executive in the Travel industry

What truly sets Nicolai apart is his unique blend of expertise in both the digital landscape and the sports industry. His deep understanding of customer journeys, digital marketing strategies, and working closely with commercial partners and sponsors to meet their needs has yielded remarkable results throughout his career.

Nicolai’s visionary thinking and ability to navigate complex challenges have consistently driven success for organizations he has been a part of. His strategic insights and innovative approach will for sure contribute to the growth and success of Many Digital, strengthening our position in the market and fostering new opportunities.

Please join us in a warm welcome to Nicolai Gunni Lyngholm as our newest board member. 
We are excited to have him on board, and we look forward to the invaluable contributions he will make to our company’s future success.


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