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Launch: FC Nordsjælland – Unveils New white-label fan app

In a remarkable development, Many Digital and FC Nordsjælland has introduced a fresh and enhanced version of their fan app, marking a significant milestone in their digital journey. This innovative platform seamlessly integrates the entire FC Nordsjælland fan community into a single, unique digital space.

The latest iteration of the white-label solution app boasts a striking redesign, coupled with a wealth of exciting functionalities. Notably, the implementation of FCN’s new Umbraco CMS system, which gives them a smooth connection with the news published on web and in app.

They are actively working on incorporating various functionalities into their daily interactions with fans and partners, with a keen eye on continuous progress.

At the core of this platform lies an ecosystem that empowers FC Nordsjælland with complete ownership of their invaluable 1st party data. This unique advantage provides profound insights into fan behavior and preferences, facilitating precise targeting and segmentation based on app interactions.

Key Features in the Fan App:

  • Real-time News
  • Seamless Social Media Integration
  • Comprehensive Match Overview
  • Player Profiles
  • Dynamic Banner Ads
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Exclusive Fan Benefits
  • Engaging Quizzes, Games, and Discount Coupons

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, sponsor expectations extend beyond traditional packages. FC Nordsjælland recognizes the importance of a digital platform that fosters close dialogue with fans while simultaneously supporting robust commercial efforts. This approach aligns with their mission to enhance communication, activate partners and fans, increase partner exposure, and engage stakeholders effectively.


FC Nordsjælland, underscores their commitment to using this platform as a versatile tool to strengthen their presence among a diverse audience. FC Nordsjælland aims to bridge the gap with all stakeholders, fostering a stronger sense of unity, all facilitated by Many’s platform.

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