MANY Digital targets Asian region

MANY Digital targets Asian region

MANY Digital

15 September 2020: Following the opening of their UK office, Danish technology firm MANY Digital has continued its expansion by partnering with football agency Harcus Consultancy, in a move to target the South East Asian rights holder market with its pioneering, All-In-One digital platform, designed to increase both fan engagement and club advertising revenue at this challenging time for commercial sport.

MANY Digital and Harcus Consultancy Group form Asian partnership

“We are delighted to be partnering with Harcus Consultancy Group and exploring opportunities to help football clubs and associations in emerging Asian markets, transform their brand experience and monetise digital fan engagement through our pioneering ‘all-in-one’ digital platform and white-label app.” MANY Digital CEO Tom Matthiesen says, “Harcus has an outstanding reputation in football marketing, education, and technology. Their aim to develop football, both commercially and operational across Asia and to provide people with the tools they need to succeed, is very much in line with our ‘Game Changer’ philosophy.”

Harcus Consultancy Group is delighted to have partnered with MANY Digital, as we feel the ethos, ideas and opportunities shown by MANY Digital echo ours and sit perfectly with our values to help develop Asian football further. As Asia embraces football, it also embraces new technology. Therefor we see this as a perfect partnership and opportunity for all involved. Asia has so much potential and we feel this is something that clubs and fans will be able to embrace very quickly, with long lasting benefits.” Richard Harcus, CEO Harcus Consultancy Group.

Harcus Consultancy Group is a Football Consultancy company based in South East Asia, namely in Vietnam and Singapore. Harcus Consultancy Group was born out of a passion to help develop football on and off the pitch across Asia and give opportunities and experience to football fans in Asia the same opportunities and experiences that football fans receive in Europe. 

For more information please contact MANY Digital’s PR team- 07595 984476


Co-Succes story: Playable x Many Digital

Many Digital worked with Playable to help sports teams engage fans in the digital sphere and to have a better digital understanding and ownership of their data. Read our co-succestory on how we implemented Playable in our digital fanengagement toolbox.


Sports marketing: 5 biggest trends in 2022

Although we do not yet see the same trends in Europe, we believe that development will pick up speed here as well. As a club, it is an important step to investigate what the market for NFTs can do for you as a company. What needs are demanded from a fan and sponsor perspective in order to live up to the rapidly developing trends.

We at Many Digital are already investigating how in our app platforms we can support the need and demand for NFTs for increased fan engagement.

This was just a sample of some of the trends that we are currently seeing in the rapidly developing sports industry. Although there are many new trends and trends that pop up, not all trends end up as a success. However, the 5 we have listed here are someone we believe in and someone who will influence the sports industry in the future.

Contact us and hear more about how we can help you both as a club and rights holder, but also to a large extent as a sponsor or advertiser who wants to take part in the rapidly developing sports industry.