FC Midtjylland launches upgraded fan app from MANY Digital

FC Midtjylland launches upgraded fan app from MANY Digital

MANY Digital

FC Midtjylland (FCM) launches upgraded fan app via MANY Digital to maximise fan engagement during ‘ behind closed door’ Champions League campaign.

05/11/2020: MANY Digital are pleased to announce the release of a new and improved version of the FCM fan app, to coincide with the start of their Champions League campaign, giving fans maximum engagement and user experience despite the Champions League matches being played ‘behind closed doors’.

New FC Midtjylland fan engagement app with excitting new ‘realtime’ match data

The new FCM app features new digital elements to connect fans even closer to the club via personalized fan content from FCM and the club’s sponsors and commercial partners.  Fans will be able to access advanced stats on the team, the players, the matches; receive vouchers, take part in polls and competitions, and earn redeemable points for FCM’s fan loyalty program.

The app also gives FCM a modern tool to acquire new sponsors and to uplift existing ones through a technology that offers individual targeted commercial campaigns and content with a high level of fan engagement, which has been missing since crowds have not been visiting their stadium or watching matches in person.  

FCM is now able to offer a large number of segmentations to sponsors to interact more intelligently and responsively with users of the app before, during and after a match​ and all app content is managed using the FCM ‘Team Manager’ software in which key members of the staff can plan and execute activation campaigns throughout the year.

The current virtual nature of sport has called for a new approach to digital sponsorship and commercial partnerships – a digital transformation for professional sports rightsholders.​  This innovative new FCM app is a great example of how MANY Digital can offer a quick and cost-effective solution to measurable and hyper-targeted digital sponsor/partner activation for sports rightsholders.”

MANY Digital CEO Tom Matthiesen says.

” We’ve always been at the forefront of fan engagement methods, and this app will allow us to source new digital revenue opportunities and turn fan engagement into new digital revenue at an exciting time for the club.  We expect to gain new sponsors and also experience sponsorship uplift from existing sponsors and commercial partners whilst providing cool fan engagement and hyper- targeted campaigns which is key to our growth of both fans and commercial partners.”

FCM CCO Jacob Jorgensen says

About MANY Digital:

Registered in 2011, MANY Digital are a Danish technical activation company, revolutionising the way fan-based sports clubs and organisation use fan engagement to generate new digital revenue.

Our team’s background is in sports management, activation and marketing. Our solutions are born out of an understanding of the unique challenges that face rights holders, sponsors and commercial partners.

Our agnostic approach provides a platform for collaboration. It allows us to work with like-minded content, application, analytical and digital transformation providers to integrate ‘best of breed’ solutions that add value for fans, rights holders, sponsors and commercial partners.


For more information please contact sig@fitmg.co.uk 07595 984476

New FC Midtjylland fan enagement app from MANy Digital

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We at Many Digital are already investigating how in our app platforms we can support the need and demand for NFTs for increased fan engagement.

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Contact us and hear more about how we can help you both as a club and rights holder, but also to a large extent as a sponsor or advertiser who wants to take part in the rapidly developing sports industry.