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- Limelight Sports and Many Digital Drive Digital Transformation with a Thriving Community Platform for its members

Unparalleled fan engagement | Incredible new revenue opportunities | One affordable platform

Limelight Sports, a renowned leader in the sports events industry, has embarked on an incredible digital journey in partnership with Many Digital.
Together, we have developed a powerful digital platform and app that has revolutionized Limelight Sports’ engagement with their audience and opened up new avenues for revenue generation and membership exclusives.

Limelight sports engagement app
Limelight sport member app

Limelight Sports membership app - Connecting sponsors, members and features in one platform

Limelight Sports, known for their commitment to creating unforgettable sports experiences like London Triathlon, Oxford Half marathon etc., sought to build a digital community where they could have complete control over their members and engage with them.
Many Digital understood the significance of this vision and embarked on a mission to bring it to life. On the foundation of our development of football/handball fan apps we expanded our business model into a new sports vertical. 

We experience that the pains in mass-participation sports are almost the same with issues like having their user groups spread across different data silos. 

By collaborating with Many Digital, Limelight Sports has gained access to a digital platform that not only offers a plethora of engaging features but also provides valuable first-party data on its members. This invaluable information has empowered Limelight Sports to gain deep insights into their audience’s demographics and app usage, allowing them to tailor their offerings and experiences to their members’ preferences.

“This is an exciting opportunity to enter a new market of mass participation events within sport and working with District Technologies to deliver this ground-breaking app has allowed us to fully exploit all areas of a virtual and actual sporting event."
Tom Matthiesen
CEO, Founder - Many Digital

Limelight sports app Features for Engaged Members

The app offers a plethora of features:

  • Newsfeed
  • Events overview
  • Games, contests & coupons
  • Highlights
  • Banner advertisements
  • Social media feed
  • Membership exclusives
  • District Race integration
  • And much more…

Commercial backend engine – TEAM Manager
Our back-office – TEAM Manager gives the club extended possibilities to analyze and engage with their fans.

  • Overall analytics on behavior
  • Gamification setup – Members exclusive, Survey, Vouchers etc.
  • Push notification management
  • Sponsorship management
  • Commercial ads setup and management
  • Segmentation engine based on 1. party data sources
  • And much more…

"The app that we have produced with MANY and District Technologies is the focal point for all LimeLight Sports Club members and forms an integral part of the platform that is revolutionising the participation sport industry model. We are very excited about the future of the platform and this partnership"

- Steve Dews - CTO, LimeLight Sports Group
Limelight sports

The commercial focus of the platform has introduced Limelight Sports to a world of new possibilities. With the integration of a digital inventory, Limelight Sports can now offer enticing commercial packages to its commercial partners and sponsors. From captivating banner ad campaigns to interactive vouchers, quizzes, polls, and surveys, Limelight Sports has the tools to captivate its audience and attract new partnerships.

Performance numbers:

  • 55.000 app downloads
  • 10.000 members exclusive voucher impressions 
  • 3.500 redeemed vouchers

The digital platform has already attracted over 50,000 enthusiastic users who actively participate in the community and engage with the captivating content. This vibrant digital ecosystem has become a hub of exclusive deals for its members, fostering a sense of belonging among Limelight Sports’ audience while driving brand growth.

The success of Limelight Sports’ digital transformation is further evident in the platform’s achievements. With more than 10,000 voucher impressions per year and over 3,500 voucher redeems, the commercial offerings have resonated deeply with the audience, driving engagement and revenue growth.

Moreover, the platform’s built-in content feed, social media integration, and event calendar have further enhanced Limelight Sports’ ability to connect with its members. The seamless integration of exclusive membership management ensures that Limelight Sports has complete control and a holistic view of its community.

Many Digital takes immense pride in partnering with Limelight Sports and delivering a digital platform that empowers them to unlock the full potential of their audience. Through data-driven insights, engaging features, and innovative revenue opportunities, we have propelled Limelight Sports into a new era of digital success.

Limelights sports:

Limelight Sports is a renowned leader in the sports events industry, known for creating unforgettable experiences and engaging sports enthusiasts worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and a passion for fostering a sense of community, Limelight Sports has consistently pushed boundaries to bring sports to the forefront.

Limelight sports


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